Tense & Tired?

Stressed & Sore?

frustrated, flabby, frowning?

No Time for Self-Care?

30 days = 30 ways of ME TIME!

Stop the Tense & Tired Treadmill with Simple Strategies for Enjoying More Energy, with Vibrant Health Despite Hectic Daily Living.

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    “No time” is the #1 answer given by new clients as barrier to achieving health goals. With steady small bits of ME time they create big changes.

    Wendy S Wiseman

    Health Catalyst

    About Me:

    Hi! My name is Wendy. I'm a Health Catalyst, 50+ GenXer, and Founder of Happier Healthier Humans, Creator of The WISE Way 3-phase formula that simplifies healthy happiness so that you Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better with for Longevity Success.

    Having moved myself out of painful deterioration I now guide busy professionals over 40 out of GenXhaustion for freedom from feel-old frustrations using simple step-by-step strategies for enjoying lifelong health.

    What is it all about?

    These 30 simple tips are all about seizing moments amidst our hectic daily living to nurture with self-care, sustenance, stress management, by making sensible choices to reduce discomfort, boost energy and retain vitality.

    • Movement Enrichment so you enjoy activities you love!
    • Meal Elements so you feel fit and full of energy!
    • Mind Exploration so you stress less and avoid burnout!

    Each of the next 30 days you get helpful hints, reminders, tips and actions for enjoying a bit more ME TIME each and every day!

    Simple health strategies to ease your aching body, avoid expensive pills and procedures, and have more energy to enjoy life thriving as a Happier Healthier Human!